Meet The Staff

Jasmin Grimpe (she/her) is from Chicago, Illinois with an eye for business. While she does enjoy writing and music journalism, she also loves to find new TV shows to watch and baking. She loves to listen to music as well, with alternative and pop music constantly filling her ears. Not only is Incoming & Outgoing a way for her to find and listen to new music, it is a way for Jasmin to create a more inclusive music world. People wouldn't dare to tell her that she can't.

Jenna Michaella Bautista (she/her) is a Filipina-American woman from the San Francisco Bay Area, living her life as a college student studying Creative Writing. When she's not writing for Incoming & Outgoing and elsewhere, she's typically doing homework and brainstorming her next creative project while watching a new TV show or listening to music. She definitely does not confine herself to a single genre of music. You'll find all kinds of music from rock, to pop, to Broadway musicals on her Spotify account. A lover of reading and creative storylines, Jenna hopes to use Incoming & Outgoing as an outlet to highlight various musicians of color and LGBTQ+ musicians to show people how diverse the world really is. 

Laurel Walls (she/her) hails from the Jersey Shore, with a heart bound for Los Angeles, California. A lover of the arts, she spends much of her time watching films, writing scripts, and crafting. You can find her typing away at her keyboard, either for Incoming & Outgoing or if she simply discovered a new plot she wants to explore. She plays music 24/7, loving all types, but favoring pop and rock overall. With Incoming & Outgoing, Laurel hopes to be the next Rolling Stone


Haley Miller (she/her) is an East Coast based concert photographer with a love for all things music. If there's one thing to know about Haley, it's her love for Taylor Swift. When she's not listening to the latest T-Swift album, you can catch her at a concert! Haley truly creates magic with her camera. 

Emma Dill (any pronouns) comes from Southern California. Growing up with music and photography, her journey takes her to CSUSM as a photography major. In her free time, she plays video games, reads, or listens to music to add to their ever-growing Spotify playlists. Her heart for music lies with any and all rock music from classic/alternative rock artists like Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Nothing But Thieves, all the way to metal-core bands like Wage War, Bad Omens, and Sleep Token. But her range of music genres span as far as the ears can hear.

Hannah Southers (she/her) is a photographer based in Richmond, VA. Being a lover of all things expressive, she is often found attending concerts, writing music, studying acting, and even traveling. Hannah believes in the beauty of collaboration and inclusivity in the music industry, which results in her love for all music genres and sounds! Whether it’s creating music or capturing music with her camera, Hannah is your girl!

Sam Kern (she/her) is a Minneapolis-based photographer with a passion for art, design, and all things creative. When she isn’t testing out a new hobby, you can find her on the couch with her cats, gaming with friends, listening to her favorite band (The Wrecks), or spending time with loved ones. 


Tristan Mortimer (he/him) is an English and Professional Writing student at UCSB. You can usually find him playing volleyball or hanging at the beach when he’s not behind his computer. He loves watching movies, and some of his favorite bands include The Chats, Interpol, and The Strokes. Tristan is hoping to work in screenwriting and movie production in the future but wouldn’t be opposed to becoming a wizard. He loves listening to his favorite bands while he writes!

Carly Amaxopoulos (she/her) is a music business student at Rider University. She has a heart for music and you can always count on finding her at a live show. Carly has a passion for traveling which she hopes will continue in the live music industry. She’s a lover of rock n roll which she can thank her parents for, as well as being a huge Harry Styles fan. She admires Incoming & Outgoing for everything they believe in in this industry.