Taylor Swift Foxborough, MA 2023

Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts shot for Incoming & Outgoing Magazine. 

Words & Photos by Haley Miller

When you walk into a Taylor Swift show, it’s not like anything you have ever experienced. You are greeted by people eager to trade friendship bracelets, meet with friends you’ve bonded with because of your shared interest, and inevitably, make new friends at the show. This community of fans treats even a newcomer with the same grace as they treat each other. This particular concert The Era’s Tour was opened by artists Phoebe Bridgers and Gayle.  Their talent and collaboration brought the vigor and spirit expected by Swifties. In sharing Taylor’s journey since 2006, I can attest to rediscovering my childhood each time I listen to a familiar song. Likewise, her lyrics provide a feeling of understanding that touches people who hear her music for the first time. This notion of nostalgia allows audience members to revisit subjects like love possibly with sadness, but with a mutual sentiment of appreciation and hope.


As it poured rain, the kinetic energy surged as Mother Nature’s challenge was accepted. Not many artists persist through torrential downpours, also known as the “Rainiest Rain Show,” matching the loyalty of her crowd. Throughout what initially seemed to be a setback Taylor shared her talent and passion amidst the falling water, almost as if the universe was acknowledging the joy and awe being felt during this gathering. Her perfectly orchestrated setlist provided a backdrop to her lifelong career as she moved spontaneously through each discographic era, conjuring curiosity as to what the next song would be. Her ten-minute version of “All Too Well” satisfied her fans’ pleas to revert to its original length. As usual, people bolstered her “Fearless” song with their display of hand hearts held high in the air bringing their version of love for the artist and her band. Likewise, her fans helped to memorialize a song dedicated to her grandmother Marjorie, as they lifted their flashlights to show their support. Surprises awaited as fans listened to two acoustic songs. Taylor provided a live debut of “Question…?” on the guitar and her second acoustic deliverance, “Invisible” on the piano. 


Graphic visuals stimulated and dancers dazzled as each choreographed step matched the sound of her songs. The large screens showcased a larger-than-life image of the artist in performance mode, confirming that her portrayal matched the monumental impact of her presentation.  “My Tears Ricochet” from her Folklore album is just one mood-swaying depiction that was further enhanced by large waves on the big screen. This graphic metaphor, along with the live concert which was heightened by the rain is an example of the depth of emotion felt by each onlooker. Whether you were a fan before this concert or not, it seemed as if this wall of sound harmoniously crept and touched each soul present. Her performances tend to make people forget their worries as their bodies find themselves moving to the music. It is not a wonder why The Era’s Tour has been the most sought-after concert post-pandemic. Regardless of whether you have been a lifelong fan like me, Taylor’s music evokes just the right amount of sadness and joy as listeners recount their own experiences through upbeat lyrics. The artist’s zeal was successfully demonstrated through this 3.5-hour-long experience. Her talent and passion delivered a fun, motivating, unique, and magical experience that will be discussed for generations to come. As a witness to many Taylor Swift shows, I can confirm this artist’s continued growth and aptitude each time she performs.