The Arcadian Wild St. Paul 2023

The Arcadian Wild at Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota shot for Incoming & Outgoing Magazine.

Words & Photos by Samantha Kern


The Arcadian Wild brought the crowd to their feet at the packed Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. They opened the night with a cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac with their opener, Jac Thompson, on stunning vocals. The combination of mandolin, violin, guitar, and upright bass soothed everyone in the venue that night with dulcet tones and smooth sounds. With an already excited crowd, the band plucked the beginning of Hey, Runner!, one of their most popular songs (and this photographer’s personal favorite as well), and everyone burst into thunderous applause. In Lara, vocalist Lincoln Mick and violinist Bailey Warren shared a magical high note that hushed the crowd, immediately followed by a massive cheer that muted the band for a moment while they looked over everyone with awe before falling back into the song. They also played more hits such as Shoulders, Big Sky, MT, and Little Bird, amongst others from their strong discography.
Following the release of The Arcadian Wild’s newest album Welcome, they just began their national tour and will be on the road until mid-November.