Yellowcard Minneapolis 2023

Yellowcard at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota shot for Incoming & Outgoing Magazine.

Words & Photos by Samantha Kern


In a haze of smoke and lights, Yellowcard rocked The Armory on July 15th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Strumming a low note as the four-piece pop-punk group, with a touring drummer, lined up on stage, they opened powerfully with "Way Away." Flashes of rotating strobe light shone across the crowd, all screaming along to the lyrics of the songs they grew up listening to. Lead singer Ryan Key, after singing "Believe" says to the crowd how blown away he is that they are all there to see them. The last they were in Minneapolis, they didn't sell out their show. But on that night they did. Following a hiatus, Yellowcard reunited to perform at Riot Fest last year and are currently on a 20th anniversary tour celebrating their 2003 hit album Ocean Avenue.